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"About Vicarage Court Solicitors Birmingham"

We recognise that not all clients are the same and neither are their needs. It also follows that all lawyers and law firms are not the same either.

Our practice comprises individuals who are experienced in the areas they practice and who have the support of a full service firm behind them and who they can call upon to provide a complete solution.

The founding directors bring a diverse and extensive range of skills to the practice having previously worked at a variety of practices, large and small, and at various levels.

Each member of the team at Vicarage Court Solicitors is driven by the satisfaction of achieving results which matter for our clients. The practice consists of a team and not just a name or brand.

We don’t make exaggerated claims or use language that is no more than a collection of the meaningless buzzwords in fashion at any given time.

We firmly believe that a professional can only be judged by the advice that they give and the results that they deliver. At the end of the day, a client is the only one who can speak of their experience of having used our services.

The delivery of most professional services cannot be commoditised and things are better done the old fashioned way. We spend the time to listen to you, to understand what it is that you want and need from a lawyer and forward thinking to embrace the ever changing legal landscape and the needs of our clients. Quite often the needs of clients can be met in different ways and it is important for someone with the relevant experience to look at the matter and suggest alternatives which may be more commercially sound.

We believe in working with our clients rather than for them as that is more intimate and rewarding for the clients and ourselves. We are alive to the opportunities whereby our clients can potentially benefit from others in our network, whether professional contacts or clients and where possible we will effect introductions.

It is only when we are confident that we know your needs that we will offer advice. The advice may not necessarily be what you want to hear but we have the courage of our conviction to say it as it is as opposed to what you may want to hear.

If you feel that we are a practice that could benefit you, then come and speak to us and judge for yourself.

Vicarage Court Solicitors Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority under SRA number 532923 and registered in England & Wales under company number 6176902.