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Insolvency and Bankruptcy Solicitors in Birmingham

Liquidation and bankruptcy are a regular feature of the times we live in. However, there are ways and means of rescuing a company and thereby avoiding having to place it in liquidation. Recognising the problem sufficiently in advance may possibly enable you to avoid an insolvency process having to be followed or if one does need to be followed, to have more of a say in it.

The same is true with personal insolvency – there may be a way in which to formally or informally structure a standstill and enable a better recovery to be made than if nothing was done.

We at Vicarage Court Solicitors and experts in Insolvency, in conjunction with independent and reputed Insolvency Practitioners, will review the position of the company and advice on what steps can be taken to rescue the business or ensure an orderly disposal which achieves the maximum return for all stakeholders.

We have good, long established relationships with insolvency practitioners, banks, creditors and lenders and we work with some of the most respected names in the insolvency profession who are well known to the major creditors and are trusted by them. Working with experienced and reputable professionals ensures that we put forward rescue proposals which are always realistic and designed to provide a workable solution rather than one that seeks to 'put off the evil day'.

If winding up the company is the only feasible option we will work with you and the Insolvency Practitioner to devise a strategy to minimise disruption and ensure an orderly closure.

We act for companies and creditors and can discharge our roles as advisor, whatever the situation - as we have experience of it from both perspectives.

Similarly we have a broad range of experience of personal insolvency and all the challenges that it throws up - whether acting for the creditor or the debtor, you may book an appointment for your case now.

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