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Litigation Solicitors Birmingham

Running a business, from the humble sole trader to multi-national corporations, is never easy and dealing with conflict, be it with customers or suppliers, is as common as winning new contracts.

The key is to have first class professional help that you can trust and rely upon so that problems can be anticipated and avoided or if this is not possible, they can be dealt with swiftly before they escalate.

Vicarage Court Solicitors have the ideal commercial experience to successfully settle disputes expeditiously by being able to recognise the problem, identify the solution and use their sound knowledge of the law so as to be able to advise on the likely outcome should the matter proceed to litigation.

Litigation is about recognising the risks, legal and commercial, and thereafter managing them to the client's advantage.

Our wish is to avoid litigation wherever possible as the exercise is time consuming, stressful and expensive; very often there are no winners other than the professionals charged with the task of managing the process.

We recognise that all too often people have commercial and personal relationships which can be damaged irretrievably if the situation is not handled with tact and diplomacy and we strive to achieve a situation where litigation can be avoided and a consensual outcome agreed.

We examine what is in the best interest of our clients and always seek to use the quickest, most economical and effective way to solve the problems.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when it proves necessary to have the matter adjudicated upon by the Courts and if this becomes necessary we deploy all the skills in our armoury to ensure that your interests are protected whether you are taking action or defending it.

We will always analyse the facts and give you legal advice as to the merits and prospects of success, based on the facts and the then existing law. We will outline to you clearly the risks - both legal and commercial so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

We constantly keep matters under review and always adopt a pro-active approach to all that we do, so as to ensure that the desired objective(s) are met. Engaging in discussions is always encouraged as it is not a sign of weakness but a reflection of the realities of how litigation is and should be conducted in the modern day. Any discussion will be approached from a position of knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides as there is no such thing as a sure winner or a sure loser.

We have experience of dealing with:

  • Contractual problems
  • Debt recovery
  • Insurance claims to include claims for business interruption
  • Product liability claims
  • Property disputes
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Trademark and copyright infringements
  • Directors Disqualification Proceedings
  • Boundary disputes
  • Proceedings in the specialist divisons of the High Court

Key Contacts

Sukhveer Singh - 0121 452 4958 or by email

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